Voices In My Head (The Rick Lee James Podcast)

Episode 420 - Never Settled with Shawn Congleton

May 5, 2021

Shawn Congleton - Never Settled: a memoir of a boy on the road to manhood


Shawn D. Congleton has lived a life on the move; moving nearly 80 times before he graduated and living in almost 20 states. Since that time, he has spent most of it in Ohio with his wife, Heidi and three girls, Morgan, Jordan, and Brooklyn. He has been an admin clerk for the United States Marine Corps, secretary for Wright State University, youth and young adult pastor at High Street Church of the Nazarene, church planter with Life House Community, secretary with Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center, school counselor for Dunbar High School and Springfield High School, and co-principal with his wife, Heidi at the Eagle & Dove Academy. 

Shawn’s new book, Never Settled: A Memoir of a Boy on the Road to Manhood, is An emotional and brutally honest story that focuses in a large part on Shawn’s relationship with his father. Shawn shares about his fears, his sense of despair and the losses that impacted his formative years as he endured abuse both physical and mental. I’ve known Shawn for almost 20 years and I didn’t even know the half of his remarkable story.  


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Buy The Book "Never Settled" on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3t6SdCf



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