Voices In My Head (The Rick Lee James Podcast)

Voices In My Head (The Rick Lee James Podcast) Episode 426 - Selah

June 16, 2021

Hello Friends,

The Podcast is taking a brief hiatus due to a death in the family. I explain more in this short episode today. I’m grateful to all of you who listen week after week, both nationally and internationally.


In the meantime, one of the best ways to support me and my family in the hiatus is by listening to my music, sharing it with friends and pre-saving my upcoming singles on Spotify. I would really appreciate it if you would pre-save my upcoming music on Spotify. The release dates are below as well as links where the songs can be pre-saved.

Thank you again for listening to Voices In My Head, and I look forward to being back with you soon.


Rick Lee James




Release Date - June 25th

You Are My Salvation

Spotify Pre-Save · https://show.co/Q5n8NKF





Release Date – July 23rd

Shine A Light In The Darkness

Spotify Pre-Save · https://show.co/2k5bGNV



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