Voices In My Head (The Official Podcast of Rick Lee James)

Voices In My Head Podcast #183: Finding God in the Exorcist with Guest Ben DeBono

October 25, 2016

On this episode of the podcast Ben DeBono of the Sci Fi Christian Podcast drops by to talk about the classic horror film and novel, The Exorcist. It is our belief that the story is not as much a tale of the demonic as of the God who overcomes all evil. Listen in as we discuss one of the first faith based films to be made by Hollywood. Long before there was Facing the Giants, there was, The Exorcist. Join us as we search for God in the Exorcist.

"Do not despise my command because you know me to be a sinner. It's God himself who commands you! The majestic Christ who commands! God the Father commands you! God the son commands you! God the holy spirit commands you! The mystery of the cross commands you! The blood of the martyrs commands you!"