Voices In My Head (The Rick Lee James Podcast)

Episode 433 - JENNY & TYLER - PART OF ME

August 18, 2021

Jenny & Tyler - Part of Me


Jenny & Tyler have toured with such artists as Sara Groves and Brandon Heath; have been spotlighted on Andrew Peterson’s popular “Behold The Lamb Of God” Christmas Tour; and their songs “As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating” and “This Is Just So Beautiful” were featured on the hit television series “Pretty Little Liars.” The couple has released multiple critically-lauded studio recordings, including 2010’s groundbreaking Faint NotOpen Your Doors (2012); Of This I’m Sure (2015); and There Will Be A Song (2018), along with four EPs and a Christmas album. Their latest single and music video, “Part of Me,” written by Jenny, inspired by watching their two oldest daughters, Jane and Sara, process the events and challenges of the past year of the pandemic. Jenny and Tyler have stopped by the Podcast for a visit today to tell us more and I’m so grateful they have. Jenny and Tyler, welcome to Voices In My Head.


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Part of Me Official Music Video:


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